Order picker jobs are among the most advertised jobs on Canada’s various job sites. An order
picker’s responsibilities include but not limited to; receiving and confirming pick tickets and
identifying products by use of technology. They are also responsible for retrieving orders based
on their quality, quantity, and size. Order pickers also help in the building of pallets with orders
and strategically positioning them for loading. It is also their responsibility to wrap orders before
they are loaded on trucks. They also keep a record of the completed orders as well as restocking
the inventories manually. According to most job sites, payment for order pickers range between
$16 to $18 per hour with both day and night shifts available.

order picker job description

In the job brief, usually reiterate that they are looking for competent order
pickers who will ensure accurate and timely delivery of products. Order pickers mainly operate
from warehouses and must build and send the required orders. An order picker must be punctual
and be ready to work for grueling hours while on their feet. In essence, they are usually
physically fit and deft. Among the key requirements are the ability to speak and read English or
French, attention to detail, physical fitness, a high school diploma, diligence, and punctuality.
Most job advertisers require one to have some experience as an order picker. They require one to
have a license in operating electric forklift, pallet jacks as well as other warehouse machines.
From what I have been able to gather in various job listings, forklift operators are the most
sought-after order pickers followed by warehouse order picker.

Government programs

The advertisement for order picker jobs on various job sites in Canada has been boosted by
programs such as the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP). The program was started
in 1966 between the Canadian government and Jamaica. However, the program has also
expanded to include Mexico and a number of Caribbean countries. The program is primarily
meant to allow Canadian farm employers to hire workers from the countries mentioned above.
The high demand for order pickers is during harvesting and planting.

Due to inadequate local labor in Canada, most orders pickers are from Mexico and the Caribbean countries. Other
programs such as the Employment and Social Development Canada and Citizenship and
Immigration Canada have also helped in the increase of order picker job opportunities.

The order pickers, as well as other jobs, hired from these countries, are entitled to the Canada Pension Plan
and some Employment benefits. The programs were initiated after the government identified the
need to fill gaps in labor. The issue came to the attention of the government in the mid-1960s.
The government discovered that there were insufficient workers to meet the needs of the farms.

Canada has, for a long time, opened its borders to immigrants looking for job opportunities. They
have always welcomed immigrants to be part and parcel of their culture, family, and traditions.
There are plenty of opportunities, and it is upon people to apply and grab the chances available.

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