The highest income jobs in Canada that do not require a university diploma

You are not obliged to work as a brain surgeon or a lawyer, professional athletes and other jobs, in order to get good salaries. More importantly, these jobs in Canada do not require university degrees.

What are the highest income jobs in Canada? For those who do not have a university diploma

Transit driver:

Average salary: $ 31,968 – $ 72,264.
Requirements: Requirements vary by region, but you usually need a high school diploma, a driver’s license in an unsupervised Ontario province, or any Canadian province. You must also meet all licensing criteria for Class C bus driving.

Arpenteur – Land surveyor:

Average salary: $ 38,075 – $ 108,568
Requirements: You start the job if you have no previous experience with a decent salary, but once you get a professional license, you can get about 65 thousand dollars a year. Over time and professional experience, your income may turn into a six-digit salary.

– Web developer:

Average salary: $ 32,700 – $ 75,114
Requirements: Many Canadian companies are looking for web designers and developers. While some companies are looking for someone who has a university diploma in this field, others just want to see your talent and how good you are in that field.

– Plumber:

Average salary: $ 33,308 – $ 86,932
Requirements: Typically required to be at least a high school graduate in addition to four to five years of professional training.

– Firefighter:

Average salary: $ 38,388 – $ 100,688
Requirements: You must have a lower secondary level and a certificate in first aid and CPR, along with no criminal history, with a good understanding of English and the ability to communicate clearly in high pressure situations. You’ll also be aware that there are times to rest on nights and weekends like all other jobs. But as a firefighter you can be called to work at your leisure, so be ready at any time.

– Court reporter:

Average salary: $ 42,484 – $ 77,068
Requirements: No degree is required in this field and the requirements are not a joke: you should be able to write at a speed of at least 225 words per minute with complete accuracy. On the Steno machine.

– Construction manager:

Average salary: $ 55,164 – $ 162,078
Requirements: Although some companies require a bachelor’s degree, many of them only want work experience to keep upgrading operations in a construction project.

– Electrician:

Average salary: $ 35,759 – $ 92,276
Requirements: Secondary education level, and technical certificates in the field of electricity, this type of job is usually much needed throughout the country.

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