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Randstad Warehouse company dates back to 1960, where it started from a humble beginning being a merely bicycle garage. The company has however revolved and evolve over time into one of the most efficient and reliable companies across the world. The company offers all kinds of construction products ranging from spare parts, building material to all kinds of associated metals.

Following the recent opening of a new warehouse name, Moli Constructs, located at Nova Scotia town, alongside Tim Hortons Highway, the company hereby advertises for the following positions.

Warehouse job listings


The following are some of the vacant positions seeking in the company

  1. Procurement officer
  2. Accountant
  • Customer care

Warehouse Job Posting

Procurement officer

Duties and responsivities

  • Draft and implement all rules and regulations related to product or service procurement.
  • Report on any misallocation of resources by any party.
  • Advice the company on ways to increase the level of efficiency related to the transport of end products and the acquisition of raw materials.
  • Accounting for all relevant allocated departmental funds.

Academic qualifications

  • Must be 18 years and above.
  • Must hold BSc. Degree in Procurement, having Master will be considered as an added advantage
  • The candidate must have 3-5 years’ experience in the warehouse industry.
  • Having done any other managerial and accounting course apart from the above mention would be considered as an added advantage.



Duties and responsivities

Keeping all books of accounting

Designing of petty cash book and allocating relevant funds

Advising the management in the most profitable areas of allocation in the company.


Academic qualification

The candidate must be having a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, from a recognized institution.

The candidate must have at least 3 years of experience.

All the academic qualifications mentioned above must be ISO Certified.


Customer care

Duties and responsibilities

Directing the client to the right departments.

Answering all queries raised by customers or potential customers.

Reporting raise issues to the relevant department.


The candidate must have at least and form four certificate.

The candidate should have at least 1-year experience in any service industry

The candidate must have eligible handwriting and conversant in speaking English and the local language.

Warehouse job interviews questions

and answers

Warehouse job interview-questions

  1. Given a chance what will you bring to this company
  2. Do you think you are the best candidate for this position, if yes, why do you think?
  • Given a chance what new service will you add to the company
  1. What is the prime goal of the company to the customer?

Warehouse job interview-answers

  1. New vitality will be the major goal ones the company recruits me. I will make sure that the company makes an additional profit from the same energy.
  2. Yes, I believe to be the best candidate for the position. I believe my academic qualifications are not only up to bar, but also personal experience makes me even more relevant.
  • New products and quality service are some of my long-term goals. However, in the meanwhile, I intend to magnify the number of sales.
  1. Any company’s primary goal is to satisfy the consumer in all ways possible.



Warehouse Job Agencies

Randstad Company does all of its job promotions through an online company known as the Job-Treads.  All qualified personnel should, therefore, sent all their applications through the agency’s mail-[email protected] before 20th January 2020. Only qualified persons will be contacted for an interview.

Note that any application sent after the above-provided date would not be considered.

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